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Vow of Hell

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Title: Vow of Hell

Series: City of Stars #2

Release date: August 27, 2021

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They say the vows you take on your wedding day are sacred.

Mine are drenched in greed and hatred.
A beautiful lie hiding the ugly truth lying beyond.
Saint Astor is the big bad wolf I'm trying to run from.
He is the only one that can see beyond my veil of deception.
The only one who has the power to break me into a million pieces.
My forbidden crush, coming to life in the form of a nightmare.
I had a plan to escape from the crutches of a loveless marriage.
Fall in love with someone else.
But when that turns sour, the media's golden boy comes to collect.

And I can't do anything except lay my soul at his feet and hope he doesn't burn it.

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