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Sting of Ice

SOI-cover ebook.jpg

Title: Sting of Ice

Series: City of Stars #4

Release date: December 14th, 2022

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Revenge is a dish best served cold, and as a figure skating Olympic medalist, I couldn't agree more.
I thrived on the ice until the day my boyfriend cheated on me with my biggest rival, causing me to lose my job and tarnishing my reputation.
Seeing the two people you hate the most get everything you ever wanted hurts, but I'm not about to let them win.
In my quest for retribution though, I broke an unspoken family rule.
I kissed my sister's brother in law to make my ex jealous.
Killian Astor is everything I was taught to avoid.
He is as gorgeous as he is dangerous.
An anarchist and my unlikely ally.
He wants nothing to do with me, but giving up isn't in my nature, and I need his help. In order to keep my lies under wraps, I get him to agree to keep up this charade in front of my ex-boyfriend and his new flame, thinking my heart is strong enough to bear the burnt of his affections.
But the more we act like we're in love, the more I lose sight of my original plan.

And that can't happen because if this becomes more than a fake relationship, we'll end up hurting the people we care about most.

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